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No hesitation this time

For roughly a year now,I'd been yearning to pay a visit to the one Japanese food shop in all of Sacro;but for one reason or another(mainly because it's on the other side of town and was planning to move to a larger storefront with a mile from the old location),I ended up hesitating and putting it off.However,I did learn recently via sacramento that the delayed move finally happened last month.As recently as last night,I was still undecided whether to go on an outing today(the last weekday of this vacation week),but I somehow went to bed at 10:30 last night(at least an hour earlier than normal).I usually don't remember 99.9% of my dreams(since they're basically blatant distortions of past and present reality),but I somehow managed to awaken at 4:50 in the morning,due to an emergency bodily function.Afterwards I tried to go back to sleep,but I just couldn't get drowsy again.About 6:45,I gave up.At the same time,I decided that I wasn't hesitating any more.By about 7:40,I slipped on some otaku gear(including a Newtype USA t-shirt received as a renewal premium,my Kirara cosplay cap,some jeans,and the smaller of my Furuba messenger bags),grabbed a couple drinks(a water bottle and Sangaria bottled cold coffee sold at a Korean shop near home),and ventured out on the journey to paradise in the middle of an otaku backwater.

Two bus rides,a brief light rail ride,and 2 ½ hours later;I blurted a 'Yatta!' just before stepping foot inside Oto's Marketplace on Sacramento's Freeport Boulevard(next door to Rite Aid's oldest unremodeled Sacro location,semi-ironically since it's an older section of town).Once I got off the bus a block away,I took a couple of exterior snapshots,since I had my digital camera.Once I stepped in,I knew it was pure bliss.Though some non-Japanese products are scattered along the shelves,I was surely at the right place.I spent some 90 minutes in their new digs(chain-drugstore sized,but at least twice as large as their old location)and I loaded my basket with instant noodle cups/bowls(including several large sized packages of the original Cup Noodle,not the Americanized Cup-O-Noodles),several Japanese drinks(Calpico,Coca Cola's Soukenbicha,bottled/ready to drink Pocari Sweat,C.C. Lemon,UCC canned coffee,and a couple others including anoth Coke-made tea dring called Hajime),and a lot of Japanese snacks(tiramisu Pocky,a couple bags of Calbee potato chips,citrus-flavored rice candy,ramune candy with a Yes!Purikyua 5 toy,and other Japanese sweets).Since they also had cooked/prepared foods on site,I also decided to grab lunch:potato croquettes(popular in Japan though the croquett wasn't a Japanese creation)and rice appetizers(an onigiri and layered rice cubes with a fish layer in the middle.Once I checked out,it was cheaper than I thought.Though I couldn't find any personal care products,I was told they were sold at their auxillary location a few blocks down.After eating,I went to the addy they told me,but the block number was non-existant.I called the main store,and it turned out I was given an incorrect block number.After receiving the proper directions,I then found the other location,next door to the main store's original location.It turned out to be their video-rental and variety shop(selling mainly non-cooking items).In their magazine section,they had some manga phonebooks.There were some outdated ones at reduced prices,but I was told that the covers had to be removed for credit-out purposes.I ended up settling on the latest Nakayoshi(that included at least one premium item),a 2-pack of Japanese gel-rollers,a pack of erasers,and a couple other things.Once it was all said and done,I was lucky my load was still carryable(two paper bags).A few minutes before boarding the first bus for the long journey back to the northeast side of town,one of the bag handles broke,but not enough for stuff to spill/fly out.Not only that,after I boarded that bus,I rode it to the next stop before making the first of two transfers.That bus stop turned out to be in front of a new Rite Aid that just opened earlier in the year on the edge of downtown.I browsed in there(half the size of a typical west coast Rite Aid)for a few minutes,and managed to get a jumbo plastic bag to wrap around the broken paper bad,and continued on my journey back home.Not only was the weather nice(80's even with summer-style daylight hours),I didn't even sweat until I got home.Even better,I fortunately haven't even been subjected to those nihonjin kanojo jokes...yet.It very well could be worth at least one return trip...

Anyway,I used the latest YesAsia coupon discount(issued before their coupon promotion expired)on two more Makkun CD's(including her most recent album).I also nailed the rare Saber Marionette J to X OP/ED CD maxi single(featuring Proof of Myself and Lively Motion,both sung by Megumi Hayashibara and previously sampled at seiyuu)from an eBay Buy It Now listing.Also,I nailed a 1990's edition of Kenkyusha's Little English-Japanese Japanese-English Dictionary from an Amazon.com Marketplace seller...

Happy birthday to both Ai Nonaka(who turns 26 and also hails from Kappei-sama's hometown)and Light Yagami Mamoru Miyano(who turns 24).Speaking of Kappei-sama,he may have landed a decent new post-Death Note anime voice role.As long as the producers responsible for voice casting don't decide to ruin a good thing by pulling a Michiru Kiryuu not even half way through like what happened last year(Purikyua SS turned out to be Frappi-sama's toughest voice role in years)...

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