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Thank goodness for being off 6 straight days beginning DST Sunday

Quite frankly,I'm still stuck(mentally and physically)in standard time,and that's regardless of how much sleep I get...

If the NCAA was smart,they'd expand the March Madness field to 128 teams to keep it even...

From what it seems,the cable modem is having issues which may explain the connection blackouts...

Though it may or may not have actual voice acting,I nabbed the import-only Twinbee PSP game via an eBay Buy It Now listing.If it does and features the original seiyuu,it would be sweet...

Speaking of seiyuu,happy 23rd birthday to Yuuka Nanri,the "other" half of tiaraway...

On another seiyuu note,according to a recent post of yachinami's,Kappei-sama is absent from the casts of upcoming spring anime.Contrary to what other Kappei fans may think,this may actually be a blessing in disguise.Hopefully,he's seeking the company of his wife and kid(s),as what he had to go through during voice recording sessions for the final three dozen episodes of Futari wa Purikyua Splash Star had to be a lot rougher than what he went through during the voice recording sessions for Plastic Little.OTOH,it's a relief to find out that on the SS vocal albums,Frappi-sama only sang on 2 songs,and fortunately both without Muupu-kun:a group character song with Choppi,Saki,and Mai(source);and the second ending(Gambalance de Dance)with Choppi seiyuu Miyu Matsuki and singer Mayumi Gojou(source)...
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