August 11th, 2020

yuki sohma the rat from furuba

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  • Tue, 00:47: RT @brycetache: Found out my mom has COVID. No symptoms yet. She’s 79. In memory care. Alone. Scared. She and 5 million Americans are posit…
  • Tue, 00:47: RT @ProjectLincoln: Ouch.
  • Tue, 00:47: RT @tribelaw: A friend wants to know: Where are Bloomberg’s Billions? Am I just imagining that he promised to spend a fortune to help whoev…
  • Tue, 00:47: RT @grandmagrit: I'm a 68 year old recovering Republican turned Trump resistor, & I have to say... Democrats are being too nice.
  • Tue, 00:47: RT @MichaelSteele: After a weekend of hearing folks wrestle with voting for Trump, I could not help but recall the words of @TheRickWilson
  • Tue, 00:47: RT @donwinslow: Trump literally just lied five times in under 2 minutes and went unchallenged by The White House press. Shameful.
  • Tue, 00:47: RT @PhilArballo2020: Retweet if you think California deserves better than Devin Nunes
  • Tue, 00:47: RT @SaraGideon: Breaking: A brand new poll has us ahead of Senator Collins by SEVEN points. Our movement is growing stronger every day, and…
  • Tue, 00:47: RT @ThePubliusUSA: Raise your hand if you are registered to vote and ready to fire Donald Trump in 85 days ✋
  • Tue, 00:47: RT @RepValDemings: Still no response from the president to protect our service members from Russian-funded assassinations. Join us to deman…
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