October 13th, 2016

yuki sohma the rat from furuba

At some point,regular posts will be back in order...

A couple months ago around this time,I quietly transitioned myself onto a 'new' computer.Technically,it's a used one(initially Windows 8,upgraded to 10)since my dad had used it for a few years before going the custom-built route;but it's still going quite a long way from my barely-functioning laptop (which I haven't turned on in a couple weeks,highly improbable I'll turn it on again until at least after the holidays mainly for ceremonial 10th anniversary purposes)not to mention more flexibility (12 times more hard drive space plus the ability to use higher-capacity SDXC cards including a 64 gb card now in my phone).However,I've been slow to truly shake off having to basically survive on Android the past few years which explains why I yet to resume regular desktop LJ posts,not to mention getting sidetracked by a broken real world(while we can't quite stick a fork in Adolf Drumpf just yet,it mercifully is a pure formality as I'm ready for Hillary)and other drama (the water heater was broken for almost a month).I must also note that I've been working about a third of my shifts/hours at another Rite Aid closer to my residence,which may or may not be an indictment of whether my regular store survives the Walgreen merger (which still isn't yet final).
Happy birthday to Tsutomu Isobe (who turns 66),Masaya Onosaka (who turns 52),Tomoe Oumi (who turns 34),and Kaito Ishikawa(who turns 24).Speaking of the Rinne anime,why am I wary about the remote possibility of Rinne's mom not only being revealed but also having actual dialogue?