August 1st, 2012

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Not a favorable situation for mobile posting,but...

Congratulations to the following Japanese Olympians who have medaled in the first 5 days of competition in the 2012 London Games:

  • Kouhei Uchimura not only on striking gold in the men's individual all-around but also being part of the team(also consisting of Kazuhito Tanaka,Kouji Yamamuro,Yuusuke Tanaka,and Ryouhei Katou)that won the silver in the men's team final
  • Kaori Matsumoto(gold medal in women's lightweight judo)
  • Riki Nakaya(silver medal in men's lightweight judo)
  • Hiroaki Hiraoka(silver medal in men's extra lightweight judo)
  • Hiromi Miyake(silver medal in women's weightlifting,48kg/106 lb classification)
  • Yoshie Ueno(bronze medial in women's half middleweight judo)
  • Masashi Ebinuma(bronze medal in men's half lightweight judo)
  • Ryousuke Irie(bronze medal in the men's 100m backstroke)
  • Ryou Tateishi(bronze medal in the men's 200m backstroke)
  • Takeshi Matsuda(bronze medal in the men's 200m butterfly)
  • Kousuke Hagino(bronze medal in the men's 400m individual medley)
  • Aya Terakawa(bronze medal in the women's 100m backstroke)
  • Satomi Suzuki(bronze medal in the women's 100m breaststroke)
  • Natsumi Hoshi(bronze medal in the women's 200m butterfly)
  • Masashi Nishiyama(bronze medal in men's middleweight judo)
  • The team of Kaori Kawanaka,Miki Kanie and Ren Hayakawa(bronze medal in women's team archery)

Speaking of Japan and the Olympics,it appears that Tokyo is slightly favored to land the 2020 Summer Games...

Happy birthday to Nobuo Tanaka(who turns 77),Katsunosuke Hori(who turns 71),Junpei Morita(who turns 58),and Haruka Shimazaki(who turns 39)...