February 18th, 2010

matcha kitkat

Japan's best Winter Olympics since Nagano?!

Congratulations to the following Japanese Vancouver medalists:

  • Daisuke Takahashi(bronze medal in men's figure skating)
  • Keiichirou Nagashima(silver medal in the 500m race in men's speedskating)
  • Jouji Katou(bronze medal in that same 500m competition in men's speadskating)

They already matched their combind medal total for both Salt Lake City and Torino and the Vancouver Games aren't even half done.Though the Kimagayo has yet to be played at any of the Vancouver medal ceremonies,there are still important events(particularly women's figure skating)yet to get started.OTOH,though not considered a serious medal prospect,luger Aya Yasuda got screwed on a weight technicality...

In(end of the)world news,with all the occurences that have occured within the past 48 hours either in the world(i.e.,a kamikaze strike on the IRS)or in my life(the prospect of already mediocre local public transit possibly becoming even more skeletal on top of rumors and speculation about my company's future),I'd be really scared if Vegas bookies were accepting wagers on how soon the Apocalypse prophecies of Nostradamus will be realized.Considering that twice or more in the past 3 weeks that buses I was riding were very close to being in accidents due to being cut in front of by lousy drivers,I still don't trust myself behind the wheel(or in the cockpit)enough to learn how to operate any moving vehicle that requires being licenced and/or insured(even if it comes to ditching the 916 for a larger metro with superior-to-Sacro public transit even though this "most miserable cities" listing ignores the sad funding state of local transit)...

Anyway,happy 40th birthday to Junko Iwao who has largely dropped off the radar in new millenium...