October 26th, 2006

yuki sohma the rat from furuba

My new "baby"

My Japan atlas came on Tuesday.A 2005 edition fully in Japanese,it's published in Japan by Shobunsha and its ISBN is 4-398-20023-1.As expected,it's a road atlas with maps of each of the 47 ken and with scales superior to that of Kodansha International's Japan:A Bilingual Atlas.There's also thematic and statistical maps;as well as info on recent and pending municipal mergers,prefectural info,and other statistics.The Hokkaido map even has the Etorofu,Kunashiri,Shikotan,and Habomai islands as integral part of the prefecture(gomen nasai,Vladimir Putin).Unless I read the kanji wrong,I believe Misawa would be ESE of Aomori and NNW of Hachinohe.yachinami,is this the right Misawa?

Speaking of Japan,happy 31st birthday to Jubei-chan Sae Sawanoguchi Rion Aida Hiroko Konishi...