January 14th, 2006


What a haul,and I'm not talking about dirty old Happousai...

The winter edition of the twice-yearly Sac-Anime was a blast,and not even a wrong-way city bus could steal my thunder.I even gave my Momiji cap a test drive at the event.I found all kinds of rare anime stuff for myself and other people.Strictly speaking of stuff I got for myself,I nabbed the following:

  • 3 DVD sets containing the uncut first 97 episodes of the One Piece anime plus one of the movies(it turns out to be fifth)featuring Japanese dialogue by default with optional English and Chinese subtitles.It's one of the few times I would normally buy region-free Hong Kong/Taiwan bootlegs of domestically licensed anime,and Not-4-Kids-or-Adults-Entertainment brought it on to themselves too.At least a few of the Kappei tunes in my Rio Carbon are actually Usopp character songs...
  • Japanese-imported volume 2 of the Maison Ikkoku manga.Perhaps the big steal of the day,it only cost a mere dollar!
  • a Gate Keepers pencil board picturing Ruriko Ikusawa,Reiko Asagiri,and Fen Feiring
  • 3 candy/gum packagaes with free gashapon.They had normal Japanese toys and weren't from actual anime.
  • an authentic pair of Japanese chopsticks,just for kicks.
  • an "Anime:Drugs would be cheaper" sticker advertising one of the vendors.
  • the following Card Captor Sakura novelties,all Japanese imports:a pencil board,a set of 2 pins(Sakura and Kero-chan),and 2 notebooks(one duplicates the front cover on manga volume 4).
  • the following Fruits Basket novelties:a set of 3 coasters(one with Kyoh,one with Yuki,and one with Tohru;all human),a set of mini-notepads in a plastic case,a UFO catcher doll of human Yuki,and a rat Yuki keychain.The former 2 are Japanese imports,and the latter 2 are domestic licensed.
  • 3 imported Aa!Megamisama pencil boards:one each picturing Belldandy,Skuld,and Peorth.
  • a Sakura Taisen pencil board picturing all key characters from the first universe.

Speaking of the first and last anime series mentioned,since it's already tomorrow(the 15th)in Japan,happy 51st birthday to Kanna Urashima Monkey D. Luffy Mayumi Tanaka.I know she and Hiroyuki Shibamoto(her husband,a seiyuu himself)have a son,but it would be curious to know if he's in the industry himself if he's grown.So far,the only parent-child seiyuu pair I know of is Akio Ohtsuka and his father Chikao...

Back to the fair itself,the booth where I bought my One Piece DVD's and Yuki keychain also sold some anime and Japan-related T-shirts and sweaters(some via J-list).One of the J-list shirts they had was Nihonjin kareshi boshu-chu.Thankfully,the masculine counterpart wasn't available;because as much as I like all things Japanese,I wouldn't be caught dead wearing one of those for certain reasons I won't elaborate on.Also,while there,I had someone take a picture of me with my digital camera.Hopefully,the pic will be posted sooner or later...