May 4th, 2005

matcha kitkat

Just about at full strength again...

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Speaking of sports,why am I hoping that yachinami isn't following NBA basketball at this very moment? :o

On seiyuu birthdays,while there's still time,happy 38th birthday to Akiko Yajima(Mitsuru Tsuwabaki,Relena Darlian,and others).Also,since it's already tomorrow(the 5th)in Japan,happy 41st birthday to Minami Takayama(Kiki,Nabiki Tendou,Ascot,Conan,Dilandau,and others).In fact,if Kappei-sama was married to a Kiki's Delivery Service voice-castmate,either her or Rei Sakuma could be the only ones capable of such a feat...*wouldn't doubt it if he was the only one reading this entry that has seen that Hayao Miyazaki masterpiece in its original language with English subtitles*