March 14th, 2005

yuki sohma the rat from furuba

The "Manga University" line of Japanese learning tools

During some recent stops at the manga aisle in Waldenbooks,I've seen two new titles that are actually Japanese study aids that make up the new Manga University line by Japanime(a publisher based just outside of Tokyo in suburban Saitama prefecture).The two titles are Kana de Manga and Kanji de Manga.I had the urge to grab both of the yesterday,and a second Kanji de Manga volume is forthcoming.The books in this line utilize manga-style illustrations extensively,hence the name Manga University.If only can manage to sit down and do some serious immersion...^^;;;

Is it just me,or are the e-Reader card levels of Super Mario Advance 4:Super Mario Advance 3 tough?

BTW,I did win that Twinbee Paradise music CD...