February 21st, 2005

yuki sohma the rat from furuba

Well,my mission was far from a total failure...

Well,I came out of Replay weekend empty-handed(the Sunrise Mall Suncoast still hadn't received the new Excel Saga and Peacemaker Kurogane cosplay caps yet),but it actually didn't matter this time.What mattered was that I managed to succesfully perform the phone swap(K7 Rave to V7 Flasher)online before leaving for work yesterday morning.Of course,I've had to re-enter my bookmarked contacts;but there weren't many of them.Fortunately;the recent calls history doesn't reflect ones placed,received,or(especially)missed on the old phone.Speaking of the old phone,even after the phone swap,I've still been able to delete the call history and messages received(some as errant as most of the "missed calls").So far,I haven't deleted that phone's contact list yet,as I want to put the LJ phone-post number in my new phone's contact list first.I even got bonus airtime for upgrading.In fact,I have so much airtime in my account that it's a sure thing that I'll never have to worry about blowing through airtime quickly since my social life(outside of home and work)is primarily online(so far,I only have load airtime every 3 months to keep my account active).On the new phone itself,it even has more neat features I haven't mentioned previously(one of them being world time).There's 3 pre-loaded wallpapers:the default one(at the outset)has horses,the one I've set it to is ocean waves,and the third(which I tested briefly)has cubes.Though I haven't tried to yet,I can download more graphics and ringtones through the Virgin XL web browser feature.If anime-oriented ones become available,it would be sweet.If only the smallest photo size for the built in camera was small enough to take LJ-avatar size photos(smallest size is still 160 by 120 pixels),I'd take a self portrait of myself sporting my rat cosplay cap.Oh,well.I'll probably send a self portrait test picture message or two to test it out.In any case,I'll send another test text message from my LJ info page for kicks...^^;;;