June 30th, 2003

yuki sohma the rat from furuba

Well,a server error ruined a long entry I tried to post Thursday night;but anyway...

Well,I'll be looking to UNCUT English translated Maison Ikkoku manga when it becomes available in September.I have the first domestic graphic novel,but I was dismayed to learn via a thread on this Maison Ikkoku fan community(non-LJ) that Viz omitted chapters when it first published the domestic MI graphic novels.

Speaking of Viz,they've announced a replacement program for flawed disc 2 of the Ranma ½:Martial Mayhem(season 5).At least the off-timed subtitles were(to me,anyway)a minor hiccup compared to the glaring(though inadvertent)omission of the Japanese audio from 2 episodes on the final disc of the Hard Battle(season 3)set(Yes,it was corrected,thankfully;because even Richard Ian Cox is better than Sarah Strange.I even took advantage of their replacement offer for that flawed disc as soon as it was announced.).

Though I haven't seriously watched Inu-Yasha(I've seen snippets of episodes occasionally when my sister watches it),I had the misfortune of stumbling onto a Ranma/Kikyou fic;which since she's the main villain gave me the urge to join kikyou_haters.^^;;;;;
Replay Weekend:I grabbed the Mahou Tsukai Tai "Magic Box"(the entire 7-disc series in a fat keepcase only takes up as much room on my anime DVD display shelf as the 4 individual discs I already own),Fancy Lala #6:A Passing Dream(I now own the whole series),and Gate Keepers #7:The Shadow!(just one more to complete the series,not counting the alternate-universe OVA spinoff "Gate Keepers 21")

Also,last week I received my copy of the new(July 2003)issue of Newtype USA before I even needed to look for it wherever anime/manga is sold(faster than the previous issue).I'm pleased to announce that Kappei-sama has now been mentioned in 6 of 9 issues...exactly 2/3 so far.It would be sweet if Assobot Senki Goku(which has cracked 30 episodes IIRC)gets licensed domestically;as long it's not by 4Kids Entertainment(Will Pokémon,Yu-Gi-Oh,and Shaman King ever be available uncut/subbed on region 1 DVD?)or Nelvana.

Lastly,though it's wrong to be proud of the fact that Hitoshi Doi's exhaustive seiyuu database being stagnant;but why am I secretly hoping that this obscure drama CD never gets listed among Kappei-sama's CD/radio drama voice roles and/or the listing of CD's in which Kappei-sama talks and/or sings?
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