May 26th, 2003

yuki sohma the rat from furuba

Looks like Bandai is finally doing Blue Sub 6 right...

A few years back,Bandai Entertainment released Blue Sub 6 at 1 half-hour episode a disc for $20 a piece($80 for all 4 episodes),the biggest rip-off in the short history of anime on DVD to date.However,next week,they'll be re-releasing Ao no roku go as a 3-disc special edition(with the first 2 discs containing the entire series)for the much more reasonable price of $34.98(most likely even cheaper at Best Buy).I bought the individual discs a couple of years ago,but I'd like to replace them with the SE since they put the series on fewer discs than the original release(so it would be easier to watch all at one sitting)and it will most likely take up less space on my anime DVD display shelf...

On a somewhat related note,I own the first 4 Mahou Tsukai Tai individual DVD's;but am considering obtaining the complete 7-disc "Magic Box" since it would take up far less space than the individual DVD's(the fat keepcase is only as big is the 4 individual DVD's that I already have).

On an unrelated note,I'm 3 of 5 discs into my copy of the Ranma ½ Martial Mayhem DVD set;and I must be looking forward to the Picolette Chardin II story arc for some reason.Since Souun Tendou had secretly engaged one of his daughters to him(admit it,he's not very far from Genma),why couldn't he just have engaged Akane to him in the first place?Besides,she got beaten out by a certain okonomiyaki chef it terms of being Ranma-kun's first fiancée.In fact,someone actually has considered the possibility of Genma having fabricated the story of his son "choosing" okonomiyaki over Ukyou at age 6 just to absolve himself of all blame(In simpler terms,it's entirely possible that Ranma actually made the right choice in the first place,only that Genma's stomach-brain had other ideas.).Think about it,how many times has Genma put his son in a bad situation just for quick eats?
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