May 12th, 2003

yuki sohma the rat from furuba

Majo no takkyubin:A pure masterpiece

This has to be one of the best Hayao Miyazaki masterpieces;and not simply because it features the(Japanese)voice talents of Minami Takayama,Rei Sakuma,Kappei Yamaguchi,Kikuko Inoue,Mika Doi,Chika Sakamoto,and Kouichi Yamadera.It was well-plotted from beginning to end(Mononoke Hime's plot actually seemed average compared to this);and was 100% in good taste.Though it was more made up than anything,it seemed to be set an an alternate universe 1950's Western Europe that was never ravaged by war(by the looks of the archtecture and automobiles,TV and radio had already existed).Of course,Hitoshi Doi's cast list for this movie is far from complete,and most sources that do have a complete Japanese cast listing(i.e.,the staff/cast listing at't even say who voiced the lower-profile characters.Since Ketto(the designer girl's nephew)sounded like he could be voiced by an otokoyaku,I'm gonna have take a safe guess that he was voiced by Chika Sakamoto.

Overall rating:*****
Sure,山口勝平 and 渕崎ゆり子 were voice-cast mates,but this predated(ahem,ahem)Plastic Little by at least 4-5 years.I bet their respective characters never even crossed paths in the movie...
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