April 6th, 2003

yuki sohma the rat from furuba

Daylight Saving Time weekend...

What a relief it is to be off both Saturday and Sunday of "set your clocks forward an hour weekend..."

Even better,while watching all 6 episodes of the second Sakura Taisen OVA series,I may have accidentally stumbled into a Kappei Yamaguchi-voiced character in the fourth episode(featuring a fictional character named The Red Lad voiced by yet another anime character named Ri Kohran).Anyway,there were three young boys in that episode;and though his character's name wasn't mentioned,someone named "Katsuhei Yamaguchi" voiced one of the three boys,a chubby character named Senmatsu the Monkey.However,according to Kodansha's Kanji Learner's Dictionary(which I own a copy of),the 2 characters that make up "Kappei" can also be read as "Katsuhei."Since Senmatsu did sound Kappei-like,I'm curious:Since Hitoshi Doi's database is becoming increasingly stagnant(i.e.many glaring omissions),did Kappei-sama really voice Senmatsu-kun?If he did(which is probable),he got to do it in the company of great female seiyuu(Chisa Yokoyama,Ai Orikasa,Kumiko Nishihara,and Maya Okamoto)...
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