January 30th, 2002

yuki sohma the rat from furuba

Sure,I may be stuck in DW 7 and am stuck with another shoddy work-week,but...

I had my first AIM chat with a certain KoCF who has precedence over the various otaku I've known from AN for the first time since December 12.Someone tried to interrupt me via Yahoo! Messenger,but I was in "Do not disturb,I'm chatting with Ukyo-chan on AIM" mode;so I ignored that less-important YIM.^^;;; It's a good thing my sister never reads my LiveJournal,because her mind is always in the gutter when she eavesdrops on my AIM chats.My sister can't get it into her head that it's a sure thing that she'll never be correct when she calls my AIM chat-mate/second-in-command on my ezBoard my "girlfriend."*defies the unwritten "never say never" rule*
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