January 28th, 2002

yuki sohma the rat from furuba

Strange as it may seem...

From the time I first got acquainted with the Internet(January-February 1996)until I got introduced to anime(fall 1997),the initial focus of my web-surfing activities was visiting TV station web sites.At the time,every other TV market(including Sacramento)was undergoing some kind of network-affiliation switch involving 2,3,or sometimes 4 stations;and I was curious about what particular cities were affected.To this day,I still dabble in such research;and just now I ran into a very interesting article about a Boston station that has had a rather tumultuous 54-year history(scroll down to "WNAC-TV/WNEV-TV/WHDH-TV: The Colorful History of Boston's Channel 7").Strangely enough,this station's official site lacks a section on its complex history.I know I'm weird,but please bear with me.^^;;;
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