November 26th, 2001

yuki sohma the rat from furuba

AIM on crack?!

When I was auto-logged on to AIM after my comp started up today,I got an error message saying "Your buddy list and alerts can't be loaded,but they have not been lost.Please try again later."How can I chat with anyone when that happens?!><;;;

BTW,in addition to the traditional Thanksgiving pig-out,I finally beat Zoma in Dragon Warrior 3.Now that I have been given the title of Loto,I can access Zenith Castle through the light beam warp in the Empress Castle.Too bad the unofficial-online FAQ is more reliable than Prima's "official" strategy guide.~.~;;;

On the anime/manga front,first I took advantage of a special triple-points weekend for elite Replay members on Saturday:I bought myself the MKR season 1:Twilight and Urusei Yatsura TV series #4 DVD's.On Sunday,I caught the last day of an unannounced post-Thanksgiving sale at the comic shop near my work.One of the specials:Buy 3 domestic trade paperbacks(including domestic graphic novels),get the fourth free.I bought the following:Ranma GN #16(#17 wasn't in stock),OMG:Mara Strikes BACK!(Ninja Master,the following volume,wasn't available.),and the respective first volumes of MKR and Maison Ikkoku.

Finally,speaking of IM chats...
On Friday morning first had a chat on Yahell messenger that seemed boring.However,once the webmistress became available for AIM chat less than an hour later,it was a whole different story.I even ended up leaving the house for work an hour later than usual and taking a different set of buses to work.^^;;;;However,having memorized the general running times of bus routes closest to my neighborhood,I STILL got to work on time.Further proof that not all IM chats are created equal.I just hope that this AIM-buddy list bug isn't permanent....o.o;;;
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