November 7th, 2001

yuki sohma the rat from furuba

Had Japanese cuisine for lunch...

While I was running an ATM errand this afternoon,I had the urge to try out this Japanese fast food place called "Teriyaki to Go,"and they weren't bad at all.I ordered a chicken teriyaki rice bowl,and it was good.I give that place 3 stars out of 4.They would have gotten 4 stars had they served Coca-Cola products instead of Pepsi products.Speaking of Coke products;just before lunch,I walked into a food/liquor shop and hoarded about half of their supply of their 20-ounce and 1-liter bottles of Sprite that still had blue caps.I've so far accumulated nearly $40 in Sprite RocketCash;and even though the blue-capped bottles have almost disappeared from most retailers,I vow to keep entering caps through at least Thanksgiving since caps can still be cashed through December 14th.I usually take the unopened Sprite bottles to work for break periods.

For some unknown reason,the anime couples voting sites that are regularly visit(the ones hosted by seem to be down.And rosencrantz;though FortuneCity's sites have been at times inaccessible today,they have been in my books fairly reliable.When they eliminated their non-FTP advanced file manager,I downloaded and taught myself Smart FTP.Additionally;when they reduced their free disc space allotment from 100 MB to 25 MB,I've been unfazed since I've used only half of the lowered allotment and don't plan on cracking 20 megs anytime soon.

My final thought for this entry:Though I forgot to mention this in yesterday's AIM chat;Ukyo-chan,good luck on your Japanese test tomorrow.^_~
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