November 3rd, 2001

yuki sohma the rat from furuba

CLAMP madness?

Yesterday,a comic shop near my work had a "20% off sale."I dropped by before work;and though I couldn't catch up on the Ranma 1/2 and AMG manga(since they didn't have volumes 16 and 4,respectively),I did get the following:"X" on DVD,an MKR jumbo keychain with a CD single(mainly an instrumental,but with Mokona's signature "puu" on occasion)stored inside,and the second Nadesico graphic novel.Only the latter item prevented it from becoming a CLAMP-fest since Nadesico was created by Kia Asamiya.Speaking of Nadesico,I have to get into the Nadesico anime one of these days since Ukyo-chan recommended it in our first AIM chat.BTW,I did end up getting a haircut 10 days ago,and ended up having the urge to use up(and eventually have developed)the roll of film in my Advantix camera.BTW,I've posted my most recent real-life pic.Give credit to Kodak Picture CD,which is helpful even when you don't have a scanner.If I look nerdy in my pics,I must be at least as photogenic as tennyo.~_~;;;

BTW,I'll be offline tomorrow because of work;but will be online again Monday.See ya...
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