October 22nd, 2001

yuki sohma the rat from furuba

An unexpected,but pleasant AIM chat...


Ukyochan52: hello :-)
Ukyochan52: is this the MIKE RHEA?
saotomeranma9404: Hi,Ukyo-chan!A pleasant surprise to be IM'd from you.Yes,it Mike.
Ukyochan52: Howdy doo ^__^ heehee
Ukyochan52: Just thought I would say hello
saotomeranma9404: I'm fine.:-)
Ukyochan52: thats good
Ukyochan52: whoa we've known about each other's websites a long time lol
Ukyochan52: :-) I just thought I would like to thank you for the admin position
saotomeranma9404: You're welcome.We've definitely known each other longer than anyone I've met on the various anime message boards.I only got hooked on the anime boards last year when I surfaced at the boards on now-defunct Anime Network.
Ukyochan52: that's too bad about anime network
Ukyochan52: thats a big loss for the online otaku community
Ukyochan52: i hope i'm not bothering....sumimasen deshita
saotomeranma9404: No,you're not.I'm just typing a long message.^^;
Ukyochan52: ah i see lol
Ukyochan52: forum response ne?
Ukyochan52: :P
saotomeranma9404: AN's demise was a definite setback.Most of the people I've known from that board have resurfaced at other boards though.I had almost 1500 posts at the AN board before the eFront scandal sounded AN's untimely deathknell.And Anime Pitstop recently bit the dust,too.
Ukyochan52: are you serious pitstop too??
Ukyochan52: argggghhh its PORN!!
Ukyochan52: o__o *goes blind*
saotomeranma9404: Unfortunately,a porn site took over the domain.><;;;
saotomeranma9404: And was a regular on the Pitstop's board while it was still an anime site.;_;
Ukyochan52: ;__; i'm feeling sad
saotomeranma9404: Also,a couple ezBoards that I've frequented have also shut down.
Ukyochan52: :/
Ukyochan52: sad...
saotomeranma9404: However,I still frequent several different boards daily.
Ukyochan52: thats cool
saotomeranma9404: Gomen,was kicked off for a few secondsO.o;;
Ukyochan52: okaeri nasai :-)
saotomeranma9404: Boy,if there was only a way to get more people on my board.
Ukyochan52: hmm....^__^ i guess well have to advertise i suppose
saotomeranma9404: BTW,as an admin,you can even promote.:-) I promote as much as I can,though it has little effect.--;
Ukyochan52: oh cool thanks :-)
saotomeranma9404: It seems that the ones I try to invite(i.e.,Philip Mak as well as the webmistress of Ucchan's Okonomiyaki Haven)aren't into message boards.
saotomeranma9404: However,I've been to the Oonomiyaki Anime Board daily since it's owner found my board.:-)
Ukyochan52: oh cool
saotomeranma9404: The owner uses the handle "UkiUkyo."
Ukyochan52: ah..i should visit
Ukyochan52: whats the url?
saotomeranma9404: On my board,there's an "ezBoard Ring" drop-down feature.Select "Okonomiyaki Anime Board" and hit the "Go" button.:-)
Ukyochan52: oh d'oh *slaps forehead*
saotomeranma9404: Don't worry.You'll get the hang of ezBoard's useful features.;-)
Ukyochan52: thank you :-) ^__^
saotomeranma9404: In fact,in your user profile,you can even add your website link.
Ukyochan52: yup just did that...
saotomeranma9404: Believe it or not,someone's accused me of overpromotion in the past;but he recently shut down his board due to a lack of activity.Now I KNOW I give my board more love than some of those other ezBoard owners
Ukyochan52: lol
saotomeranma9404: I even start topics every now and then when watching a new anime,even when most of the people that have posted on my board at best,"post and run."
Ukyochan52: cool...i just responded to your post about viewing japanese pages
saotomeranma9404: Thanks,as usual.:-)
Ukyochan52: no problem ^^
saotomeranma9404: Even when I have a very weak work schedule for second straight week(there is no favoritism schedule-wise,the store managers can only do what higher-level Rite Aid management tells them scheduling-wise),this AIM chat all in itself is a bright spot.
Ukyochan52: yeah i know about weak schedules
saotomeranma9404: OMG,I just learned via the Animeinfo.org board that the Pitstop has resurfaced(though under construction)at theanimepitstop.com .
Ukyochan52: oh really cool ^__^ so it didn't die whoohoo!
saotomeranma9404: It's had its ups and downs even before I found their board last year.
Ukyochan52: yeah thats really sad.. :/
saotomeranma9404: It's gone through several server changes,even.o.o;;
Ukyochan52: yeah even now
saotomeranma9404: Believe it or not,Yahoo recently ditched Webring.
Ukyochan52: yeah i noticed that :P
Ukyochan52: so do you have any idea why they dropped it?
saotomeranma9404: Don't know the whole details,but I even moved my ring into Webring's new independent system,so my ring should be safe.
Ukyochan52: ah okiee
Ukyochan52: i was just having too much trouble with yahoo's system... so I closed mine which you already know
saotomeranma9404: I eventually adapted to it the first time around.It does seem that few,if any,associated their member rings and/or sites with a Yahoo ID.
Ukyochan52: yeah but the yahoo thing was just bleah
saotomeranma9404: Did you know until now,my AIM buddy list was empty?
Ukyochan52: really how come? LOL
Ukyochan52: :-)
saotomeranma9404: I hadn't added anyone until now.^^;
Ukyochan52: oh okiee ^.^;;
saotomeranma9404: I've even considered(though not seriously)adopting a buddylist-only setup due to instances of AIM trolls that are only out to raise the warning levels of good AIM users(many which send objectionable/unsolicited messages).
saotomeranma9404: However,such instances have been few so far.
Ukyochan52: god i hate porn spammers >:[
saotomeranma9404: One even questioned my gender.
Ukyochan52: uh i've gotten that before
saotomeranma9404: Yahoo may actually be having partial server trouble.Still connected to AIM,but not YM(I use YM mainly for its "you have new mail" alerts).
Ukyochan52: i see
saotomeranma9404: Even when I'm outnumbered by Akanists on that board,no one at Animeinfo.org's board has caused me problems,believe it or not.
Ukyochan52: i found out that akanists' bbs doesn't really have any topics lol
saotomeranma9404: I must admit,Ranma 1/2 popularity has been gradually been leveling off.
Ukyochan52: well you can blame that on viz
saotomeranma9404: Just now,it's been releasing it onto DVD.Most of my anime DVD's are of other anime that I've been getting into.
Ukyochan52: they're very slow at releasing titles
Ukyochan52: really?
Ukyochan52: so what season are they on now?
saotomeranma9404: Season 6:Random Rhapsody.The first season boxed set will be released on DVD next month.I must admit:Viz purposely makes its anime releases hard to find.
Ukyochan52: does it really? lol
saotomeranma9404: Sometimes,it takes a while for their new releases to show up at Suncoast(I'm a Replay member.:-)).
Ukyochan52: ah...have you tried ordering through the company
saotomeranma9404: Special orders?Haven't tried it...yet.
Ukyochan52: you should
Ukyochan52: :-) they're really good at filling orders
Ukyochan52: from my experience anyways
saotomeranma9404: In most instances,Suncoast is good about getting out of stock titles in.Even when they don't have it the first time around,I eventually find it on a future visit.
Ukyochan52: ah yeah thats true
saotomeranma9404: It's very rarely Suncoast's fault that Viz ain't in the same league as Bandai,Pioneer,or ADV.
Ukyochan52: thats true
saotomeranma9404: Even when ADV's treatment of its anime can be somewhat mediocre(i.e.,they sometimes change the openings/endings).
Ukyochan52: like martian successor nadesico :P
saotomeranma9404: Haven't watched that yet,though I have the first manga volume from CPM manga.
Ukyochan52: its a great anime
saotomeranma9404: One of my many MIA mods is into that.
Ukyochan52: ah cool i recommend that one
Ukyochan52: hey mike i have to go...
Ukyochan52: you take care alright?
saotomeranma9404: See ya.This chat was good while it lasted.
Ukyochan52: bai bai
saotomeranma9404: See ya.

It's always good when I get AIM'd by a true anime fan,but when it's from a true Ukyou fan that I've known longer that anyone from AN(and someone I made my board's first admin promotion),it is definitely sweet(No,I DON'T have a girlfriend nor did this discussion involve anything of that subject.=p).Even if I DO have a weak work schedule for the second straight week.
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