March 15th, 2001

yuki sohma the rat from furuba

Anime Network:eFucked by the eFront fiasco?!

This site is among the sites monitoring the developing real-life soap opera.As Anime Network not only hosts my site,but also is one of many sites swallowed by eFront the past 18 months;I have a very bad feeling about this unfolding fiasco.On the flip side,I watched the first 4 uncut Card Captor Sakura episodes(is CLAMP really better than Rumiko Takahashi?!^^;),as well as Utena episodes 8-13(still can't figure out that series)recently.
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yuki sohma the rat from furuba


Fortunately,I've backed up all website-related material(i.e.,images,sound clips,text files,HTML blueprints,etc.)onto a ZIP disk.Even with this fiasco,getting my own domain isn't worth it far.
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