February 11th, 2001

yuki sohma the rat from furuba

A late full moon?!

Today at work was O.K. until over halfway through my shift,when I took a break.I tried to purchase some grocery items with my ATM card,but I kept getting a "card read error,please retry" message.I did have enough spare cash,but I just hope that my ATM card wasn't "demagnetized."I last used the card on Groundhog Day and I always put it in the protective sleeve after use.Then,after closing,things got even more awry:I counted out my cash drawer and balanced,but when both I and the closing manager approved it;the computer returned an error message showing an excess of $8.59 that really didn't exist.Finally,thanks to a prank by another cashier,we were 25 minutes late vacating the premises because the photo cashier couldn't find his car keys.They were found,but only when the closing manager called the cashier in question and asked him where the keys were.I thought the full moon was this past Thursday...o_O
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