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More likely than not,last 2K6 post

I keep forgetting to mention this,but ever since I got this notebook,my cell phone's reception is slightly improved in my room.I actually live in a part of town where wireless phone network reception is rather shoddy regardless of carrier(a "dead zone,"basically).Normally,I only get a single bar;but in my room,I often get one or two extra bars...

Speaking of my Toshiba Satellite,I went to Office Depot to photocopy my sales receipt for the Vista upgrade offer.I didn't realize it until I got home,but there was no sales tax because the copy price was too low(6 cents!)for it...

Somehow,after reading something by accident in Japanese Wikipedia,I'm now a little reluctant to get Puyo Puyo Fever 2(Chuu!)...

He didn't have much of a presidency,but Gerald Ford was President when I was born...

Quite frankly,at least 2006 had lights at the end of the tunnel.Happy new year,everyone!
Tags: cell phones, computing, current events, japanese language, new years, puyo puyo fever, rl, wikipedia
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