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Boxing Day(or domestically,simply the day after)..

This year,besides clothing and money,I actually got an HP Photosmart all-purpose printer.I haven't tested it yet,but hope to within a week or two...

Believe it or not,back on Christmas Eve just before the store closed(just one hour earler than usual,many drugstores are now open for at least several hours on Christmas Day),something out of the ordinary happened.I was ringing out just one of many last-minute shoppers,and I checked ID since he was paying by credit card.Though it didn't sink in until just before his receipt printed out,he reminded me of(and had the same name as)someone I had seen on the local news numerous times.As it turned out(after I had told him about the reporter),I actually had rung up a well-known and tenured local TV news reporter!Even though it was simply a brief handshake after the sale(and who knows whether I'll ever meet anyone even more famous,even at an anime con),that was truly "once in a lifetime..."

While there's still time,happy 20th bitrhday to Makoto Kino Myuu Azama;and since already tomorrow(the 27th)in Japan,happy 32nd birthday to Fumiko Orikasa(already!)...
Tags: anime, computing, kurisumasu, rl, seiyuu
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