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Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬)

A weird day that ultimately all worked out just fine...

It was about 9 a.m. Saturday morning and I was barely up on what was supposed to be a day off.Then my store called me because the scheduled opening cashier was sick and they needed a few hours of coverage.I said O.K.;then after working some 6 hours,I called my dad(already early evening)and then went over to browse Best Buy's computer selection.I browsed all the desktop and notebook models;and what caught my attention was several attractively priced models,mainly from Toshiba(the laptop my dad uses is an older model) or Gateway(one of their models was on clearance).After further consultation with Geek Squad staff as well as my dad(who found me in the computers department),I ended up settling on the Toshiba Satellite model M115-S3094 that back in stock after running out a couple days before since it was advertised at the attractive sale price of $599.99 but fortunately lacked a "no rainchecks" disclaimer.The model had 512 MB of RAM pre-installed,but the Geek Squad gave me the option of having them upgrade it to 1024 MB(the same as that clearance Gateway model)without the hazard of voiding the manufacturer's warranty.I said it was fine.Before paying,I had my Reward Zone card scanned because of the obvious windfall involved.Though the tax,extended warranty,and other charges brought the total to a shade over a grand,I had plenty of cash.I first paid with a $20 to bring the total down below my daily POS limit,then swiped my card.Though I was armed with my checkbook just in case,it went through.While waiting for the Geek Squad to finish its sensitive task(which they finished half hour later),I examined what essential accessories were available.Once I did get home and eat dinner,I plugged it in and turned it on for the first time.That night,I was basically downloading available updates for Windows XP(32 updates!)and Adobe Acrobat reader.Of course,after dinner the following night(that once I got home from a regularly scheduled midday shift),that's where the real action began:Not only did I copy my personal music files(all nonsecure,mainly from CD's)and internet bookmarks,but I also did my most serious websurfing on my new baby(even though the wi-fi was confirmed to be in working condition when I did some testing including registering the product online the previous night).That night,I tested it running on just the battery.The advertised battery life is close to 4 hours,though it was a bit under 3 because of high-energy tasks involving the USB-powered portable hard drive I've had.After re-plugging it in(after the battery charge depletion sent it into hibernation mode),I then tested the Bridgemedia adaptor.It works in a similar fashion to a USB drive,though sometimes it has trouble with Memory Stick Duo adaptors.The optical drive is different from a desktop's:To open,the disc tray ejects slightly when you push the button;while to close,you simply push the disc tray back in until it clicks into place.Just before dinner,I installed Yahell! Messenger(connected to a secondary e-mail addy,though I'm constantly "invisible to everyone")as well as upgrading to IE 7.I've yet to do additional tests(i.e.,trying out the boot-free Express Media Player and somewhere down the road taking the laptop on the go) as well as install some new programs(and likely re-install AIM);but already,my new baby is working out just fine(though I have to snail-mail for the free Vista upgrade).It even displays Japanese text more properly than the other comp.Now if I can just find some 1200x800 wallpapers(primarily anime ones)...

Speaking of Japan,I've nabbed a copy of Megumi Hayashibara's Feel Well via an eBay Buy It Now listing.Speaking of seiyuu,since it's already tomorrow(the 20th)in Japan,happy birthday to both Yumi Touma(who turns 40)and Chisa Yokoyama(who turns 37)...
Tags: anime, computing, ebay, j-pop, japanese language, music, rl, seiyuu
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