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I initially thought it had potential track duplication,but...

I nabbed Aya Hisakawa's Fantasy via an eBay Buy It Now listing.As it turns out,it was released on a different record label and had a completely track selection from Decade which was actually a collection of character songs from various anime rather than album singles(and originally purchased from Anime Nation).Generally,seiyuu may generally release a CD on a label different from their primary one;but then again,some seiyuu(namely Hiroko Kasahara)don't always have a single primary record label...

Speaking of seiyuu,happy 37th birthday to Miki Koishikawa Madoka Miyuki-chan Mariko Kouda.Though not a seiyuu,since it's already tomorrow(the 6th)in Japan,happy 31st birthday to perhaps Japan's most-honored Olympian judoka,Ryohko Tamura Tani...
Tags: anime, ebay, j-sports, music, olympics, seiyuu
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