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Not a total waste...

Strange as it may seem,I was off the whole week last week(another "vacation");and while it was uneventful,I didn't really waste any money last week,either.Sooner or later,I'd like to solve quandary of getting a PC or laptop.Not a matter if if;but how,when,and what model.I can't expect the "luck" to last forever.Not to mention that the hazard of drawing false comments from family members about my preference of mate has still(for now)turned me off from making the trip to paradise in the middle of nowhere...

Happy 44th birhday to Tamao Hayashi;and since it's tomorrow(the 25th)in Japan,happy 29th birthday to Saga Bergman Masumi Asano.While I'm at it,I'll join newly-created josei_seiyuu...
Tags: chicchana yukitsukai sugar, computing, japanese snacks, rl, seiyuu
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