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Don't know if I'll ever watch the Rurouni Kenshin anime to hear Hajime Saitou,but...

Well,as Ranma ½ got me started in anime,Hirotaka Suzuoki(who voiced Tatewaki Kunou)was among the first seiyuu I ever became familiar with.He was already 39 when the anime began airing in Japan.When most of his castmates(including Kappei-sama)were only either children or teenagers),he was already voicing major anime characters(i.e.,Bright Noa)...

Onto the subject of living seiyuu,happy 45th birthday to Maria Tachibana Shaoli Urara Takano;and since it's already tomorrow(the 17th)in Japan,happy 47th birthday to Nuriko Yaten Kou Perle Kentarou Ichinose Chika Sakamoto...

On an non-anime note,since a new 49ers LJ community has been created to replace a deleted one,I'd better be sure to join 49erfaithful...

Hopefully,the late Patsy Ramsey can truly rest in peace once and for all...
Tags: amefuto, anime, current events, gundam, noir, ranma, sakura taisen, seiyuu
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