Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬) (ranma9037) wrote,
Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬)

Happy 30th birthday to me...

Though nothing spectacular has happened,turning 30 is more special than normal for yours truly,especially because I'm still child-free.Besides,I don't think I'd be better off as a married man;but then again,I'm not trying to be a girl magnet either,especially in world that emphasizes style over substance(No,I haven't seen The 40-Year Old Virgin;and I haven't watched a non-Japanese movie period in over a year.).Another thing I haven't bothered with is credit cards.Maybe if ones with negative-APR's stated existing...

BTW,I share birthdays with a possible future home run king,a Latin American revolutionary,and a celebrity bimbo...*runs before J.Lo fans can throw boulders or worse*

Well,I managed to score 6 more seiyuu and J-rock CD's(all 3 Banana Fritters albums;plus Dir en grey's Withering to death,Hiroko Kasahara's Memories:The Best Selection,and Chisa Yokoyama's Ren'ai no Sainou(PICA-1035))via JPOPHelp,an online merchant supposedly based out of Vancouver(no snail-mail addy exists on the site,but a phone number with a 604 area code is disclosed).They primarily stock only official Japanese imported CD's and DVD's(limited exceptions in respect to preowned products),though the major drawback is that almost everything is backordered.All items in my order were preowned,but offical releases;and shipping is free of you order 5 or more items in a transaction...

Speaking of seiyuu,I had never heard Mika Doi voice boys before the first few episodes of One Piece...

Tags: baseball, movies, music, one piece, rl, seiyuu
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