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What an even bigger haul...

This time,the local bus operators were actually sharper this time around,and actually made it to Sac-Anime as soon as it was beginning this time around.However,when I got there,the con staff was overwhelmed to the point that there was a long line halfway through the parking lot of the venue(the Scottish Rite Masonic Center,just a block from CSUS).Eventually,I got through within 15 minutes...

Once I got in,there didn't quite seem to be as many vendors this time around on the surface.However,I left 3½ hours later with still a rather impressive haul(again,not counting stuff found for other people):

  • two more sets of uncut One Piece(episodes 98-132)
  • a set of the first 24 episodes of Keroro Gunsou,a longer and ongoing(in Japan)anime series that hasn't yet been licensed for region 1 release.Don't know how early Tororo appears...
  • the first(code free from a region 3 country)volume of uncut Shaman King
  • a domestically licensed human Yuki keychain
  • 2 decks of One Piece playing cards
  • a Tony Tony Chopper keychain
  • a pair of Majo no Takkyubin chopsticks
  • one pencil board each from One Piece and Kidou Senkan Nadeshiko,and two each from Kidou Senkan Nadeshiko and Tenchi Muyou!
  • a mini plush Clefairy
  • six Shin Seiki Evangelion star-and-constellation mini display figures
  • a Hatsuharu Sohma reversible ox cosplay cap,which has been rather elusive
  • a box of pizza-flavored Pretz
  • a lucky cat sundial bobblehead
  • three seiyuu CD's,all authentic:Hiroko Kasahara's Madrigal(PICA-1052,I have heard Fuu sing in a season 2 MKR episode),Ai Orikasa's Shukujo Choutokkyuu(PICA-1058),and Chisa Yokoyama's Magical Fantasy World(PICA-1140);and last but not least...
  • several items from Manga Universtiy's booth(they were the only company booth there):Kanji de Manga 4,Manga Moods(40 faces,80 phrases),Costume Collection:"A Day in the Life of a Japanese Schoolgirl",and a Manga University t-shirt...

While there,I might have made a minor celebrity.Not only were ther actual fan organization booths,but one of them snapped a shot of the T-shirt I was wearing.If you eventually find I pic of an "Anime Freak" t-shirt here,it's yours truly...

A belated word on the World Cup final:Final result aside,both les Bleus and gli Azzurri deserved to make it to the championship,as they did each knock off either of the 2 teams resposible for Samurai Blue being eliminated in the group stage(gli Azzurri shattering the Suckeroos' Cinderella shoe in the round of 16,les Bleus extending their hex of the New York Damn Yankees of international soccer in the quarterfinals).Since I missed the game(I worked that day),I can't be the judge on who was the "terrorist"...

Back to work tomorrow,but I actually accomplished quit a bit during that 6-day layoff...

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