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Kuso!(part 1 of ∞)

First of all,at the rate things are going,my patience may run out:Not only has HP come out with Slimline desktops that can fit on my current desk,but also,a couple of notebooks have gone on closeout at Best Buy.I actually nearly had the urge to purchase a computer while there last week...

Well,IMHO,Zico Japan was placed in the true Group of Death.At least the Suckeroos were bounced from the Round of 16 as soon as they got in.If someone can eliminate the 5-time defending champs as well,it would make a great consolation prize...

Well,just because it's JFA-licensed,it doesn't mean that Winning Eleven is as easy as it sounds:So far,not only have I been winless in several exhibitions,but have scored just 1 goal(on a penalty kick by Shunsuke Nakamura)...

On an even lower note,whoever had the nerve to cast 山口 勝平 -sama and 渕崎ゆり子-kun together in Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star deserves unlimited red cards for life;and I don't care if their characters(Floppy and Michiru)are adversaries.Hopefully,yachinami(arigatou gozaimasu for not returning to the North American Siberia for the fifth or sixth straight summer,Yacchan)hasn't either got into this PreCure spinoff or plans to ever...

On a lighter note,by dumb luck,I found this gem at a thrift shop...

Also,happy 36th birthday to 木村 亜希子;and since it's already tomorrow(the 29th)in Japan,happy birthday to both 野田 順子(who turns 35) and 川瀬 晶子(who turns 26)...
Tags: anime, computing, j-sports, japanese language, lj friends, psp, rl, seiyuu, soccer, splash star
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