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Nihonjin kanojo boshu-chu...NOT!!!!
100% true statement...0% denial statement
Curse or fluke? 
1st-Jun-2006 11:37 pm
matcha kitkat
When I was taking a shower this afternoon,my Gigabeat gave me a scare:First it auto-paused several times and I then had to unpause it mayself.Once I was out of the shower,it skipped backward a full minute.Once I was completely done,I noticed that the equalizer automatically set it self to folk,but I did manage to reset it to default(flat).As this all transpired,the battery charge indicator had appeared "extremely low," but this was far from true because I had charged it overnight and hadn't been on for at least 12 hours and the indicator was "empty" for over 3 hours which never happens(when "empty," the unit shuts itself off within 15 minutes and resets the music library unless it's charged before it could do so).Sure enough,when I turned the unit off,ate out,came back home,and turned it back on;things were back to normal.Still,for the most part,this has turned out a lot better than the other ones I used before it...

Earlier today,I had the urge to try out a normal Japanese restaurant(as opposed to this specialized teriyaki eatery I go to at least once or twice a month)for lunch.I never realized that soybeans can be eaten raw,and had forgotten that fried tempura can include other fried seafood as well as fried veggies.Still,it was decent.There's also a grill and sushi bar near my work that I'd like to try out one of these days,and not simply because one of its employees shops at my store...

One of the best things about Barry's 715 dinger:it was given up by the the same Byung-Hyun Kim who was lit up by Japan's world class national team in the semis of inaugural World Baseball Classic...

Speaking of Japanese sports,is it just me,or could their national soccer team be the beneficiary of Sports Illustrated's history of "jinxes?"The magazine,which has scored own goals before,doesn't even pick them to make it out of the opening round of 2006 World Cup which begins next week...

Since it's already tomorrow(the 2nd)in Japan,happy 21st birthday to Miyuki Sawashiro...
2nd-Jun-2006 08:13 am (UTC)
Sawashiro Miyuki is only 21????!!!!

I had no idea. She was first voicing Puchiko when she was about 15 then.
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