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Nihonjin kanojo boshu-chu...NOT!!!!
100% true statement...0% denial statement
Just $14 for 3 anime DVD's?!Yes way! 
19th-Apr-2006 05:52 pm
Yesterday,I decided to drop by the Sunrise Mall Sam Goody one last time before it shutters this weekend.All remaining items are 80% off,and most of what was left was anime and anime soundtrack/domestic J-pop CD's surprisingly.In fact,one guy bought at least a dozen(up to 15-20)anime DVD's.As for myself,I grabbed 3:the respective first volumes of Sensei no Ojikan a.k.a. Doki Doki School Hours(hail,Kenta Suetake!)and Jubei-chan 2:The Curse of Siberia Yagyu(I already have the complete first series set on DVD and am 7 episodes in).Speaking of the 2 Jubei-chan series,the main character's seiyuu changes in the second series(Tohru Honda Yui Horie replaces Sae Sawanoguchi Hiroko Konishi)though the remaining voice cast doesn't.The third DVD I got was Virgin Fleet which not only also stars Kappei-sama but features among the earliest voice roles for Kagome Higurashi Kaname Chidori Satsuki Yukino,Princess Asuka Fen Feiring Chinami Nishimura,and Madoka Mariko Kouda.Even better,it was just $13.98 for all 3 DVD's after sales tax.That may have been the best deal I ever got on anime DVD's,as it's unlikely it'll ever be repeated...

Happy 31st birthday to the older Ai Maeda,one of 2 seiyuu with that name.The other Ai Maeda voiced the title character in Kino's Journey.So far,I've only seen the first episode which was on a Newtype USA demo disc...
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