Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬) (ranma9037) wrote,
Ranma Saotome(早乙女乱馬)

April 3,2006

Even though I missed it,this year's edition of ANN's annual April Fool's fiesta was thankfully greatly watered down.Actually,LJ was the only site I even bothered to check on Saturday...

Well,my new supply of Japanese Kit-Kats arrived today,as at least part of my order was out of stock at the time I placed it.My order was wrapped in loose pages of Animedia magazine which isn't yet published in non-Japanese versions...

Well,though my research has been for the most part unintentional,it would be interesting to see who would be next in line of succession to the Japanese throne after emperor Akihito's sons...

Since it's already tomorrow(the 4th)in Japan,happy 45th birthday to Dorothy Catalonia Azusa Shiratori Reiko Katsumi Liqueur Naoko Matsui...
Tags: anime, april fool's day sucks, current events, gundam, japanese language, japanese snacks, lj, ranma, rl, wikipedia
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