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Matcha's back,but not the only style of KitKat available at J-list...

Well,I've just splurged on imported Japanese Kit-Kats at J-list:In addition to matcha(this year,it comes in a bag of 17 individually-wrapped miniatures),I've also purchased a whole case each(10 packs of 4 fingers a piece)of regular(available at J-list for the first time ever)and "French Bretagne milk."Speaking of J-list,if my current DVD player ever goes out(I've had my Sharp for almost 4 years already),I'll likely order one of their region-free ones.OTOH,I wouldn't be caught dead wearing certain popular Japanese language t-shirts that they offer(hopes no one reading this gets ideas).Back to the Kit-Kats,I'll be sure to share the love of Japanese ones with someone(preferrably yachinami),even though my fortunately-clueless mom(I'd rather have my family members clueless about my online acquantances than risk being tormented by "gutter minds.")may have discarded my mailing boxes and I had to get new ones...

Well,by 2020-2030,there will be a second Interstate highway connecting our northern and southern borders.So far only one Interstate highway does that,though another comes very close...

Due to Kappei-sama getting un artículo de Wikipedia en español;I had the urge to get a user account at Spanish Wikipedia,since I'm not totally rusty...

Not at all an "omen,"but I did accidentally notice that the bathroom shower door(at home)was made by a "Coastal Industries" in Jacksonville...
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