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Too bad "subtitled Godzilla" doesn't yet exist as an LJ user interest...

...as Son of Godzilla didn't disappoint.Now,it would be interesting to see how a Godzilla film actually set in Japan would be(in chronolgical order of original Japanese release,the next I have on DVD would be Godzilla vs. Hedorah)...

Though it was the subject of another "absurd" dream I had recently,there are still bigger signs of the Apocalypse than Wendy's/McDonald's twins(similar to already-existant KFC/A&W twins)existing...

Yesterday,though I was napping half the day,I did catch a little of March Madness.One of the games shown(for an extended period)in Sacro happened to be played in Jacksonville;but to me,no omens were involved because omens are quite a bit nonsensical to me...

Am I the only one who thinks that all psychics are quacks without ever believing one ever?

Since it's already tomorrow(the 20th)in Japan,happy 31st birthday to Motoko Aoyama Tsugumi Higashijujou Priss Asagiri Eiko Yuu Asakawa...
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