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World Baseball classic...

In commemoration of Kousuke Fukudome's heroics that sent Japan to Monday's championship game of the inaugural World Baseball Classic,the Chunichi Dragon has become my latest LJ avatar.Since I'm unfortunately not off Monday night,if anyone is fortunate to watch the title game on ESPN that night and/or get a final score,please feel free to text message my V7 flasher then via the my LJ's user info page,onegai?I actually planned to watch a Japanese live-action DVD tonight,and didn't know the WBC was on until I looked through the TV listings for sports to watch while eating dinner...

While there's still a couple of minutes,happy birthday to both Mei Mar Mika Kanai a.k.a. Mrs. Kouichi Yamadera(who turns 42)and Keisuke_Yuuki Allen Schezar Shinichirou Miki(who turns 38)...
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