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More avatars

Well,in addition to doubling the userpic allotment for paid users(from 15 to 30),LJ his introduced bonus "loyalty userpics" that paid users can accrue every three months.That makes things easier for yours truly,as I've uploaded a couple Puyo Puyo Fever ones(one if them being tested in this post).Additionally,I've switched to an auto-renewal payment option that will allow me to keep my avatars and other paid account benefits,since the next time permanent accounts are offered for sale is anyone's guess...

Just a while ago,I was listening to Billy Joel:The Complete Hits Collection:1973-1997.For a moment,the cover pic bonus 60-page mini-booklet almost look like the cover pic on the inlay brochure of Megumi Hayashibara's Whatever.Maybe it's because I had misplaced it and was looking for it half the time between breakfast and lunch...^^;;;
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