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Not a dud after all...

Well,since that security chest wouldn't open though I hadn't set the combination yet,I thought it was defective.So on Thursday,I went a bought a heavy-duty high-capacity replacement(which uses keys)since I couldn't get to Staples(across from work)until the following day.When I did make it there to potentially exchange it,they nudged the button sideways and it opened.It didn't say how to open it on the package and it was enough to throw me off.Anyway,not only do I still have both of them,but I'm actually using them together:I'm using the one with the combination to not only store my modest coin collection,but also to store the keys for the other one which has personal classified documents(mail from yachinami,mailing receipts for stuff I've sent her,and personal "do not lose" documents).Even better,I was able to store/organize all that without anyone walking in on me(the door to my room doesn't have a lock,unfortunately)...

From what it seems,the Eyeshield 21 anime will last 52 episodes...

Since it's already tomorrow(the 12th)in Japan,happy birthday to both Nami Kasumi Fujii Akemi Okamura(who turns 37) and Hikaru Shidou Elysse Pastel Hekiru Shiina(who turns 32)...
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