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First taste of subtitled Godzilla...

Well,Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster wasn't bad at all.It's interesting to see how a fugitive on the lam and some boat buffs happened upon a sleeping Godzilla who saved the day...

It seems when your new co-worker is turns out to be a fellow anime and manga fan,you never realize it until your headwear choice is noticed.At the end of last night's shift,as I was gathering my belongings at my locker,one of the new cashiers asked about my Shigure cap.Turns out she's watches anime and has seen Fruits Basket.Though I hadn't yet heard of Furuba at the time(possibly because it hadn't been animated in Japan yet),I did also work with a shift manager a few years back who had seen quite a bit of anime(he now works at Dollar Tree,but occasionally still shops at my store)...

Happy 29th birthday to Tomoko Kojima who I haven't heard in anything I've watched yet...
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