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The rebirth of MaBell?

Well,SBC and AT&T have barely merged;and the combined company is now ready to buy out BellSouth.Looks like if this actually gets consummated,the only competing Baby Bells would be the former USWest and the company born from the merger of NYNEX and BellAtlantic.The merger would give AT&T full ownership of Cingular;but I don't plan to switch from my current carrier anytime soon since I still don't blow through minutes that easily and surely never will(can you believe I've already had my V7 flasher for over a year already?)...

Well,I do know that Howl's Moving Castle was beaten out by Wallace and Gromit in their category,but I've never really watched Oscars...

*again tries to virtual-pat poor yachinami on the head from 700+ miles away while admitting he wouldn't have survived college himself had he taken that road*
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