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2005 taxes(continued)and other stuff

Well,my e-files were accepted,but the personal copies for my records couldn't be printed out due to some dumb glitch(I was only able to print out the DCN confirmation sheet).Turns out that this year's version of TurboTax(software and online versions)is bug-ridded due to a ton of big reports on their support forums.An update is due out tomorrow,and hopefully I'll be able to print out person records with a week...

Believe it or not,prior to recent controversies noted on the evening news,I had never even heard of MySpace.com...

Well,Sacro officially got its first IKEA store yesterday;and even if I didn't have to work that day,I still wouldn't have been crazy enough to go there on opening day(let alone be among the first 100 in line or even first in line period).The Bay Area will welcome its third store(in Dublin)later in the year,joining existing outlets in Emeryville and East Palo Alto.Japan gets its first IKEA next month;but what gets me is why the People's Republic of China got its first outlet before The Land Of The Rising Sun did...

Strangely enough,my store now carries TOKYOPOP products,just not ones I find interesting(who would actually read "That's So Raven" cine-manga?)...

Speaking of manga,the recently-arrived current issue of Newtype USA reports that a domestic specialty publisher is publishing Spanish-language editions of manga titles starting with Rave Master and Tokyo Mew Mew under licenses separate from the master ones held by TOKYOPOP.Though I'm obviously rusty at it(being out of high school for almost 11 years),it's nice to see a U.S. publisher reach out to Hispanic otaku...
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