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Since it's a sure thing that "special situations" will never apply to me...

...filing my 2005 tax returns online turned out to be simpler and quicker than I thought.Had my sister not gone out to a friend's birthday party,I likely wouldn't have had a chance until Thursday(my next day off)...

Well,thanks to Japan's first ever Olympic figure skating gold medalist,the Torino Games aren't a total washout.It would be interesting to see how Japan athletes fare in Beijing 3 summers from now(technically correct,summer 2006 isn't here yet)after winning nearly 40 medals in Athens...

Speaking of Japan,since it's already tomorrow(the 27th)there,happy 30th birthday to Nia Yukari Tamura...

*tries to virtual-pat poor yachinami on the head from over 700 miles away as he(the one typing this)knows it's a sure thing that he'll never meet anyone from his friends list in real life*
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