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I may never understand the vendetta that the MP3 player gods have against me...

Last Tuesday,I bought myself a 20 GB Walkman MP3 player at Targé as "insurance."Unfortunately,it turned out to be a good reason why Sony doesn't compete well in the MP3 player market:Not only did the software crash my comp twice,but also it can't be sync(h)ed via Windows Media Player even though it's supposed to convert WMA files.Not only that,my comp misrecognized it as a basic hard drive.

So on Thursday on the way to work,I returned it for a full refund.Unfortunately,at the tail end of a work lunch break that day,I had problems turning off my once-repaired Rio Carbon:I had to press on the power switch for almost a minute before it finally turned off.Then once I got off work,it wouldn't turn on.Once I got home,I plugged it into the charger and it turned on.However,once I hit the skip-backward button,it froze up to the point that none of the buttons worked.I then had to put a pin through the reboot pinhole to clear it up/turn it off.I then re-plugged it in to turn it on.Once I hit the play button,it froze up again and I had to repeat the process.It started working again,but I had to pause it and plug it into the charger before going to bed.On Friday,I ended up taking the AC adaptor with me to work.Once my shift started,I ended up pausing it and plugging it and its AC adaptor into an outlet in the breakroom.At the conclusion of my initial break,I decided to pause it without plugging it in since it might turn off automatically(which it did for the final time);as I also brought my headset radio to listen to a Kings game during my other breaks including the 30-minute unpaid one.During that half-hour,I headed straight for Best Buy.There was an open-box 40 GB Creative Zen Touch for $220,but it was missing the software.Of course,because they're in a different dimension as well as the associated complexities and inflated prices,I decided not to take chances with an iPod.

So,I ended up settling on something that caught my eye the previous day:a 40 GB Toshiba Gigabeat on clearance for $229.99(Toshiba was replacing that model with 30 GB and 60 GB models that are forthcoming),as the brand name itself made it a safe bet.Even with the generous manufacturer's warranty,I did purchase a 2-year service plan(extended warranty)with it.However,the only thing that I could do after getting home that night and until today(I worked a few hours of late-morning/midday overtime yesterday,not to mention my sister's World of Warcraft addiction.)was unpack the box and charge the main unit itself in preparation for its first use.Once I installed the software;I noticed that the sync method was a little different:It was part of the music manager program itself,but worked in conjunction with WMP.For the most part,it still sync(h)ed it decently;but I had to "drag and drop" the Kappei MP3 files manually,and I don't know yet whether I was successful(since those tunes haven't played yet).However,I've started using my new Gigabeat already;and not only is it working out fine,but it also displays Japanese text when needed(it's already played a couple of Makkun tracks and a Megumi one)and in many case CD album artwork.All it needs is a decent carrying case;and if Best Buy doesn't have 'em,they're abundant on eBay.As for the Rio Carbon,it's a good thing I purchased a service plan when I first bought it,because I'm gonna request a replacement merchandise voucher within a year if not sooner...

Well,though it's unlikely I'll ever relate to the theme of the holiday,I'm also off on Valentine's Day.Besides,it's a sure thing that I'll never have a kanojo catch my eye since the ones I know that share certain common interests with yours truly I only know online...

Hopefully,Japan will get on 2006 Torino games medal board at least once,as they still have a goose egg 3 days in...

Speaking of Kappei-sama,he'll be in an upcoming spring anime with Kikuko and Marina Inoue.No,the two Inoue's are not related,but he's co-hosted a radio show with the latter...

On a low seiyuu note,someone had the nerve to give the stupid cat that voiced a sheep an English Wikipedia article.I thankfully haven't viewed the article,and didn't need to in order to accidentally and unfortunately find out that the article existed...
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