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They had the early momentum,but...

Well,I managed to catch or hear most of the Super Bowl.I seriously thought the Seahawks would win as I'd hoped;and they clearly had the initial momentum(winning the coin toss,scoring first,and then disrupting an deep opposition scoring drive with an interception).Unfortunately,it all imploded quickly,as the ArmPittsburgh Squealers went ahead for good on a controversial touchdown late in the first half.In fact,after the Sqealers went up 21-10,I briefly changed the dial to the 6:30 news.Unfortunately,21-10 was the eventual final score.At least Bibby,Artest,and company won earlier in the day...

Well,the Torino Games begin in less than a week;and I'll be sure to congratulate all Japanese medalists as they win their medals when possible...

Since it's already tomorrow(the 6th)in Japan,happy birthday to both Washuu Yuuko Kobayashi(who turns 45)and Rin Mamiko Noto(who turns 26)...
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