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Now,I know where the "lost money" went...

It seems that sometimes when I record my checking account transactions,I sometime accidentally add when I'm supposed to subtract. ^^;; Still,occasionally miscalculating is still better than having legitamate crooks fradulently draining my account behind my back(which had a chance to happen days ago,please see the previous entry)...

Though I won't get a chance to do my taxes until at least next weekend,I've received my W-2...

Since it's already tomorrow(the 30th)in Japan,happy birthday to both Mariko Suzuki(who turns 39 and voiced someone in DearS which I eventually plan to get into)and Jan Yuuko Sasamoto(who turns 33)...

Speaking of birthdays,for a second time,happy 23rd birthday,yachinami...^^
Tags: anime, chicchana yukitsukai sugar, lj friends, rl, seiyuu

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