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Before going out to dinner...

A couple days ago,someone tried unsucessfully to scam me on the way to work:While walking through the parking lot in a neighboring shopping center,a middle-aged Hispanic lady waved me over to her late-model large sedan as I walked in front of it.She the started telling me a story about how her husband had left her and how she had no money or food/medicine for her daughters(there were at least two girls in the car with her).I told her that I was too much in a hurry,but she got persistent and suggested that I get in her car and go to the Wells Fargo in the parking lot.I immediately get suspicious enough that I fled into a side driveway(between two sections of the shopping center)without saying a word,not to mention that i bank at a credit union rather than a big bank.Even if she was telling the truth,I have more things to be concerned about(i.e.,my personal safety and people I know better in real life and online)than to risk having a stranger ruin my life...

My take on the King-size trade:Maybe I'm a bit too skeptical;but even if Peja had already hit the peak of his career and his skills were "diminishing,"can the nutcase of the league who was at the centerpiece of the ugliest fan-athlete incidents in the history of North American spectator sports be cooled down enough to even be a fit with Kings or with their fan base(or with Sacro in general)?

Happy 26th birthday to Sanae Kobayashi;and since it's already tomorrow(the 27th)in Japan,happy 27th birthday to Kimiko Koyama...

I just had the urge to give sakura-flavored Kit-Kats a try:I purchased a few packs from an eBay Buy It Now listing...

Just in case that I don't get a chance to post either on Sunday or Monday,happy 23rd birthday,yachinami...
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