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I'm probably the only one who both reads this LJ and is a Wikipedia editor,but...

Anyway,check out my user page...

Also,yesterday I bought myself another kanji mousepad to use in the future(once I get myself a PC):This one features the character 平 meaning "peace,"and not simply because that character is part of The Great One's name...

Speaking of seiyuu,happy 34th birthday to Edward Elric Romi Paku...

Well,it'll be a Super Matchup in 2 weeks:Not only did the Denver Donkeys fall flat on their face against Big Ben and company;but also the S'hawks truly had the 12th man on their side,denying the Carolina Can't-thers their second NFC title and winning the very first of their own in the process.When I tried to listen to the game on the radio after getting out of the shower,something rather strange happened:Once I turned on my spare flashlight-radio,I tried to tune it to an all-sports station out of the Bay Area since KHTK was instead carrying a Kings game since it's the team's flagship radio outlet.Close to the approximate dial position,I started hearing a Seahawks score update and assumed I had it on the game.Then afterwards,I then heard then-incomprehensible call letters followed by "news time;"and I started hearing news headlines relevant to northwestern Washington state(with mentions of the Canadian border,Blaine,Bellingham,and the Space Needle).After a couple more headlines,I then heard "KOMO news time" and the the time.It turned out while trying to pick up KTCT 1050 out of Frisco,I was off-target enough to pick up an all-news station out of Seattle with a clear channel(not the company)signal.Of course,since it's not common to receive certain ultra-distant AM radio stations after dark,no way Elway would I consider it an "omen..."

yachinami,expect a pleasant surprise in your mailbox if you haven't already received it...
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