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No,"Turning Japanese" never came out of my Rio Carbon anytime while attending Sac-Anime winter 2006.

Well,my case of imported Japanese strawberry Kit-Kats arrived yesterday.I'll be giving them a try possibly as soon as tomorrow...

I always thought that Kikuko Inoue had a single daughter,but her Wikipedia article suggests that she has a second now.Also,I didn't know that Kotono Mitsuishi is married with a daughter;which pretty much rules out her being married to Kappei-sama.As far as I know,he has just a son,though he may have more children.At least the chances of him being married to the "seiyuu guest" at the past 2 Anime Overdoses are thankfully lower than the non-existant chances of Ron Mexico being named the MVP of Super Bowl XL...

Speaking of Anime OD,though I still avoid its official site,it thankfully looks like there won't be a 2006 edition.Hopefully,it went belly-up and not taking a break of at least 1 year...

Well,some sources(non-Hitoshi Doi)state that Sachiko Sugawara was born on December 12 in 1968 instead of that date in 1966.If that's the case she and maybe Megumi Tano(born on December 28 in either 1962 or 1968)are the only seiyuu to be born in December of 1968...

For the first time in months,I actually had the urge to create new seiyuu articles in Wikipedia...
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